Motorists warned to be responsible and pay outstanding traffic fines

The City of Ekurhuleni has urged motorists to be responsible and pay any outstanding traffic fines without delay.

“There are facilities dotted across the City where you can pay your fines at your convenience, including electronic platforms. There are a number of walk-in facilities such as the Post Office, CCCs, municipal courts and various websites. You can also pay outstanding traffic fines through internet banking,” Ekurhuleni municipal spokesperson Themba Gadebe warned.

In the event of traffic fines being unfairly issued, motorists can submit a written representation, consult with a senior public prosecutor or contest the fine in court. Ignoring the fine and hoping that it will disappear is however unwise, as it could end up with a magistrate issuing a warrant of arrest and subsequent lock-up in the police cells.

Motorists are also urged to periodically check the status of their traffic fines to avoid undesirable consequences.

Many motorists have also recently received SMS notifications about unpaid traffic fines by the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA). RTIA said that it has appointed a service provider to send sms notification reminders to motorists with outstanding AARTO traffic fines in Gauteng and they should therefore not be ignored.
The sms notifications are for fines issued from April 2017 to date. An email notification has also been issued.

Below is an example of the sms notification:

Magda Maritz
Journalist - Nigel

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