Woman continues multi million rand fight against municipality

A self-serving group of government officials wanted to get her out at all cost and it is very plausible that the decision they took back in 2013 will end up costing the ratepayers of Lesedi Local Municipality (LLM) in excess of R5-million.

The lady who is likely to win her legal battle was let go because she didn’t fit into their plans. She had a reputation for following procedure and she was definitely not going to cut corners and give preference to friends.

She says that some of the officials lied as they tried to get her out. Her initial request to have a representative at her disciplinary hearing was refused as all they wanted was for her to go.

This woman has stood her ground where many others found it easier to say nothing when their superiors are involved in acts of utter lawlessness and corruption.

Where others decided to take their pension pay-outs and run for the hills, she stuck to her guns and vowed to continue the fight against a municipality that has in recent years been plagued by individuals who have placed a bigger price on personal gain as opposed to public service.

She has remained resilient and she should be seen as an inspiration to all women within LLM’s borders who so clearly need a strong female leader to rise above the average.

As the country celebrates Women’s Day (August 9) this week,  DA Councillor Mirna Mulder paid tribute to this woman who has remained confident that justice would prevail despite being put through hell.


“Where many others decided to give up, she endured a lot of stress and all we can do now is hope that the personal sacrifices she and her family have made is not in vain,” Mulder said.

LLM was on no less than two occasions instructed by the South African Government Bargaining Council (SAGB) to reinstate her, but every time she returned to work she was escorted off the premises by security guards.

The SAGB found that she was wrongfully dismissed in 2013 and ordered LLM to reinstate her, with back-pay. LLM also had to foot the bill for her legal team.

She was supposed to be back at her desk in 2015 but on 8 August (Monday) the matter was heard in the Labour Court where it is understood that LLM again tried to appeal all previous decisions – the outcome of this hearing will be published in the next edition of HERAUT.

In each of the hearings LLM reportedly had a different lawyer. The lawyer often did not have all the correct documentation – that is if their legal team showed up at all.

Today (yesterday) is Women’s Day and if you would like to know more about a real woman, do get a acquainted with former LLM HR Manager Willemien Lourens – she fits that description.

Michael Mentz

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