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Why does the capture of Syria’s Al-Bab matter?

The Syrian town of Al-Bab was for three years a key jihadist stronghold in northern Syria, whose capture Ankara hopes will give Turkey greater influence over the postwar shape of the country.

US promises Mexico no mass deportations or military force

US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly promised Thursday there will be “no mass deportations” or use of military force against immigrants in the United States despite a crackdown on those in the country illegally.

UN likely to vote next week on Syria sanctions: diplomat

The UN Security Council is likely to vote next week on a draft resolution that would slap sanctions on Syria over the use of chemical weapons but Russia is almost certain to veto the measure, a senior diplomat said Thursday.

New graft claims hit Argentina president

Argentina lawmakers launched a fresh conflict of interest case Thursday against President Mauricio Macri, alleging airline routes were unfairly allocated to a company controlled by his family.

130 bodies found in Syria mass graves

The bodies of some 130 fighters shot execution-style or beheaded by rival jihadists have been found in mass graves in northwestern Syria, a monitoring group and rebel sources said Thursday.

Former Israeli chief rabbi sentenced to jail for graft

Former Israeli chief rabbi Yona Metzger, convicted of taking more than $1.9 million in bribes, fraud and obstructing justice, was sentenced Thursday to serve four-and-a-half years in jail, court officials said.

Moreno and Lasso: Ecuador election contenders

A joke-cracking socialist in a wheelchair and a conservative ex-banker will face off on April 2 in Ecuador’s runoff presidential election, officials have confirmed.